Press Releases

2024: UCLA Newsroom: "...UCLA has joined a recently announced $42 million program funded by the Department of Energy to advance inertial fusion energy research" .

2023: Division of Physical Sciences: ..."UCLA Joins Consortium of the Nation’s Best Large Laser Facilities" and UCLA Newsroom: ..."UCLA joins consortium of nation’s high-power laser facilities" announce the PHOENIX Laser Lab inclusion in the LaserNetUS program. (More info about the LaserNetUS here.)

2023: Instruments 7(3): Features our "Two-Dimensional Thomson Scattering in Laser-Produced Plasmas" (see image below).


2022: AIP News (April12, 2022): "Modeling Earth’s Magnetosphere in the Laboratory", a collaborative project between Princeton, UCLA, and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal.

2022: Instruments 6(2): Features our "First Results from the Thomson Scattering Diagnostic on the Large Plasma Device" (image below).


2020: John Dawson Award to Professor Christoph Niemann for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research.

2015: EOS Science News by AGU: "Scientists create collisionless shock waves to better understand the phenomenon in nature.".

2014: Geophysical Research Letters (Vol. 41, Issue 21): First observation of collisionless shocks generated by an energetic laser in a laboratory environment, featured on the cover of the journal (image on the right).

2011: Photons and Fusion Newsletter (October, 2011): "A new mission for the Peening Laser".



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PHD Theses

Reports. Mini-theses.

    Rey Lopez, Development of a pulsed magnetic coil, Center for Academic and Research Excellence Progress Report (2010)

    Wesley Yeh, Design of a programmable logic controller based laser-safety interlock, Mini Research Report (2006)

“It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.”

- Richard P. Feynman.